The Potteries Science Festival Hosts Annual STEM Olympics, Celebrating Top Science Students Across the City

The Potteries Science Festival week saw the return of the highly anticipated annual STEM Olympics, an event that brought together the brightest science students from 11 schools across the city. This year marked an exciting return as both new and returning schools eagerly participated in the event, adding to the enthusiasm and energy of the occasion.

The challenges presented during the Olympics were as diverse as they were intellectually stimulating, ranging from intricate organ identification tasks to exhilarating mathematical relays. These challenges served as a platform for students to showcase their scientific proficiency and prowess in problem-solving.

Adding inspiration to the event was the presence of STEM Ambassador Dr Maryam Sani, whose motivating talk encouraged students to believe in their potential and pursue their passions in the field of science.

Following a day of fierce competition and impressive displays of skill, Trentham Academy emerged as the overall winner, securing victories across various categories. However, the triumph was not exclusive to one school, as each participating institution showcased its dedication and talent, with all schools achieving top-five placements in at least one event.

The winners in each category were as follows: Trentham Academy claimed victory in the Biology and Maths events, while Clayton Hall Academy shared the Biology win and clinched the Chemistry event and Chesterton Community Sports College excelled in the Physics event.

The Potteries Science Festival organisers extend congratulations to all participating schools for their outstanding performances and commendable achievements. The success of the STEM Olympics underscores the city’s commitment to nurturing and celebrating the scientific talents of its youth, promising a brighter future for STEM education and innovation in the region.